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Francesca Worch

Certified Therapist
BA in Translation | BA in Teaching

My Journey and How I Started Practicing Logosynthesis

We all aspire to take those initial steps towards a healthier and happier version of ourselves, but what does that actually entail? Let me share a glimpse of my personal life journey and experiences.

In my early childhood, I went through a form of abandonment - a traumatic experience - which led to anxiety later in life, hindering my ability to live a content and fulfilled life. In other words, I constantly carried an underlying fear of being left by those I loved. I can honestly say that I tried numerous therapies to overcome this fear. I explored psychotherapy, kinesiology, TCM, and various Asian healing methods, but unfortunately, they weren't as effective as I had hoped, and the core issue persisted.

Then, I learned about a medical doctor who practiced a fascinating healing approach, combining different Asian methods. I decided to give it a try, and while it provided some relief, it didn't fully resolve my issue.

My doctor then suggested that my fear couldn't be entirely eliminated through a cognitive approach – in other words, just by focusing on the mind – and recommended I explore a method called Logosynthesis, which belonged to the emerging field of 'energy psychology' therapies.

I was intrigued by this idea and decided to visit the therapist she recommended. To my surprise, after just a few sessions, my long-standing emotional state slowly began to change, and I started feeling liberated from fear, healthier, and happier.

The rapid progress and significant transformation left me stunned, and I made the decision to become a Logosynthesis practitioner myself. That's when I began my education in this powerful method.

Now, my heartfelt wish is to assist you on your journey, so you too can release your fears, traumas, and limiting beliefs, and embrace a life free from fear. After all, true freedom lies in living a life without fear.